Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dark of the Moon New Images

It's been quite a while since my last post. Anyway, we got three new images of Transformers Dark of the Moon released today. Apparently, these images are screenshots of various scenes from the film.

The first one shows Lennox and his NEST team in a fight in the film. The second image shows Shia running away from something in an office. And the last one features Shia Rosie in a scene near a bus. Rumors say that a trailer will be coming in mid-April, hence its quite make sense why these images are released.

Prime: Keep it coming, Bay!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Sentinel Prime and Optimus Prime DOTM CGI First Look

Now, we get to see the very first Sentinel Prime CGI robot mode appearance. The images are from the April issue of Empire Magazine. I gotta say, he looks cool with his big blade despite the 'old man ' appearance. We also get to see Optimus Prime with his new big gun as seen in the teaser trailer before. Other than that, Optimus appears to have additional armor on his chest and his arm is a little bit different than the previous movies. Anyway, both Sentinel and Optimus looks good together in the image.

Below are the main points mentioned in the article inside the magazine:

Does and Don'ts for TF3:
1. No sand
2. No "dorky" humor ("we wanted to make the movie much more serious, more adult)
3. When robots die, they're really going to die and we're gonna show that
4. We're not bringing people back
5. Give the robots more 'weight' in the story ("They were missed in movie two. We've given them a strong back-story and pathos")

- Sentinel Prime is "A big brother and mentor to Optimus Prime"
- New companions for Starscream, Shockwave and the rest
- "The scale on one of them is jawdropping" - "It will be 'what the Hell was that thing?"
- Apollo 11 'incident' show in the teaser is government secret
- No army for this, Chicago is left up to the 'Bots but some heroes sneak in through the back-door so to speak
- The human gliders are used because they slip under the 'Con radar - as do humans - so they'll be the people who can hammer it to the 'Cons and create an opening for the 'Bots

Prime: The dynamic duo, maybe?
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