Monday, February 21, 2011

Dark of The Moon Daytona 500 TV Spot

New TV Spot for TRANSFORMERS DARK OF THE MOON has been released. This Daytona 500 TV spot is about half identical to the Super Bowl commercial and half of new scenes.

New things in the trailer:
~ A voiceover (probably Turturro) saying "...years from now they’re gonna ask where were you when they took over the planet"
~ Starscream transforming and landing in front of Sam and Carly,
~ Sam & Carly moment
~ Bumblebee in car weapon mode
~ Optimus Prime walking as a cartridge pops out of his big gun toward the screen
~ Epps yelling "Run!"
~ The Wreckers

The thing that attract me the most is Bumblebee transforming into his car weapon mode. It's look cool. Another one is Optimus new big gun. You can see how big the catridge is (about the size of a 1.5 liter mineral water bottle).

Prime:  Another cool TV spot!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dark of The Moon Shockwave Game CGI

The studio for the upcoming Transformers Dark of The Moon - The Game, High Moon Studios has recently teases us with the full body image of Shockwave. The image came from the studio's Youtube page. This CGI render would be close to the movie version of Shockwave. So, we can now have the idea how Schockwave would look in the final movie.

Here is a wallpaper that I made from the above image:

Prime: Looks bad-a$$!

Sentinel Prime Confirmed for Dark of the Moon!

Yes, it's true! This actually came from the mouth of Michael Bay himself. SENTINEL PRIME is in Transformers Dark of the Moon! And guess what, he actually transform into a red Rosenbaurer Panther airline fire truck that we have seen before at he film set.

Below is one part of  Michael Bay interview by MTV:

"The second one, we had a tough go," Bay told us. "It was a very, very tough thing to make a movie under those circumstances. It affected a lot of Hollywood at that time."

This time around, Bay said, "We worked extra hard" and struck upon "a better story." "It's epic and it happens in a city," he added. "It's more accessible because you recognize stuff — it's not in a desert. It's kind of like 'Black Hawk Down' with our small group of heroes in a city."

On the carpet, Bay also briefly touched on two new alien bots set to debut in "Dark of the Moon." "Sentinel Prime is great. He's great," he said. "I can't tell you anything else, other than he's great."

And about the villain Shockwave, Bay say, "He's bad," adding that compared to Megatron, "He's got a much bigger gun [and is] a little bit more vicious."

Though Bay is certain he's got a winner on his hands, the director maintained that "Dark of the Moon" will be his final "Transformers" film. "It does have an end, yes," he said. "Because I am finished doing this."

Toy images as released by Hasbro confirmed his alternate mode as the fire truck. By looking at the face of Sentinel toy, we can conclude that he is the same Transformer shown at the end of the first teaser trailer of the film.

Prime: It's another Prime joining the show! :P

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Crysis 2 PC Graphics Interview

Crytek's founder and Chief Executive Officer Cevat Yerli was recently featured in EDGE magazine's Crysis 2 interview. In the two-page interview, Cevat talks, among other things, about the PC version of the game and its graphics.

The development budget for Crysis 2 was much higher than that of Crysis' and it was reassured that, with the power of CryEngine 3, Crytek will again push the PC graphics envelope forward. Despite the extra power, many of today's multiplatform games don't get other benefits from running them on the PC than higher framerates, resolutions and image quality settings. With that in mind, Cevat's statement that the PC version is a full-blown PC game, with all the graphical 'bells and whistles', is good news for the PC gamers out there craving for maximum-graphics.

Crytek is yet to reveal, however, what Crysis 2 looks like when the graphics settings knob is turned to 11, in other words, DirectX 11 and people have been long wondering if Crytek has shown PC screenshots at all. Cevat touched on the issue by stating that Crytek has not "made any screenshots yet that show the PC settings". So, every screenshot released so far is of the console version?

The PC hardware requirements were also discussed a bit with Cevat saying that Crysis 2 PC has been designed to take the most out of the current high-end PC hardware on the market so, what comes to graphics cards, you should be able to max out the detail settings with the NVIDIA GeForce 4/5 and the AMD Radeon 5/6 cards out there. Also, people playing Crysis 2 using a PC with hardware on par with the minimum requirements should get a much higher-quality experience compared to that of Crysis.

Anti-aliasing is a way to improve a game's image quality by smoothing out the jagged edges of pixels. According to Cevat, Crytek's solution for Crysis 2 is not edge-softening but something else.

Prime: Having high hopes on the PC version...

Dark of The Moon Super Bowl TV Spot

Yeah, it's another trailer of TRANSFORMERS DARK OF THE MOON has been released. It's a 30 seconds trailer shown during the Super Bowl last week. Yes, it's almost a week since the trailer is out, but I only able to post this now due to Internet connectivity problem. Anyway, it's a interesting trailer (although quite short) because we can now know more about the film due to new footage presented in this trailer.

Things to note in this trailer:
- Decepticons have launch a full scale attack on Earth!
- Ironhide hit two Decepticons, then transform in mid-air!
- First look of Lazerbeak (one of Soundwave minion - a bird-like robot)
- Optimus Prime got a new jet pack!
- Optimus Prime doing great again (kills two Decepticons in one row!)

Prime: It's me, kicking a$$es again! Hehe...
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