Thursday, November 11, 2010

GTX 580: The Right Fermi

Yup, it's NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580. This is a new graphics card released by NVIDIA for the consumer market since two days ago. Codenamed GF110, it is an improved revision of Fermi architecture.

Actually, the release of GTX 580 is quite surprising. First, it was released earlier than everybody expected. I thought that the new 500 series would be released next year. Second, it is currently the fastest single GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) in the world, leaving the 'Red team' in dust! Whoa! Cool, isn't it? It is faster than the previous GTX 480 by 15-30%.

Why I said it is the right Fermi? That is because it is the first one to feature full capabilities of Fermi architecture that NVIDIA envisioned for (GTX 480 fails to do so despite being the highest end of its series). To make that possible, NVIDIA engineers look down at the chip level and improves in terms of efficiency and power consumption. Plus, it features a new cooling solution called vapor chamber cooler to cool down the chip.

Here is the specifications of GTX 580:

GTX 580 carries the price tag of $499 (around RM1600++) and available from all major IT stores from now.

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